Image Upload

There are some image uploading services that we prefer most. If you want to send us a large amount of files or larger size then you could use ftp, wetransfer, dropbox, google docs or transfer big files. We use those systems. If you could use any of those will be ok. If not then send us a skype request then we will make conversation for transferring image methods. Let’s discuss about those systems.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol): you can use ftp software likes FileZilla, WinSCP, Transmit, FireFTP 
if you familiar with ftp then please email me for ftp access.[email protected]

Wetransfer: you can sent through we transfer. its very simple to transfer 2GB files.just put our email address [email protected] and hit transfer button

Dropbox: it’s also very easy to transfer your files to us. please use our email address [email protected]

all those very fast transfer your images. we will give you ftp access within 20 minutes once you requested. you can request ftp access to email.