What are clipping paths? Clipping paths allow you to isolate a specific area of the photo, hiding any parts that are outside. This article will explain what they do and how to make them work for you!

-A clipping path is an image within your design that can be edited independently from other images on the page

-Clipping Paths create shapes or outlines around objects in order to remove background information and focus only on those selected areas of interest

-They’re best used when there’s unwanted detail surrounding your subject matter – like clutter, shadows or reflections – but it also creates interesting effects such as selective coloring with single-color gradients

clipping path

What Is Clipping Path: An Overview

  • It is a vector-shaped path that enables one part of the image while hiding the other part of it.
  • It separates the background (outside part) of a photo and the focus (the image’s subject; inside part) of it.
  • It usually enables the editor to separate the inner part of the object from the outer part.
  • Clipping path in an image editing techniques as what a mask does in an illustration program.

There are times in our photos that we experience images with low resolution. This is what the clipping path is doing. Although this tool is usually used in knocking the background out of the picture, you can still use it in whatever way you want to use it, like forming donut shapes or what.

What Is Clipping Path: Advantages and Disadvantages

Although the clipping path is widely used in the editing industry, it still claims that it brought different effects, whether good or bad.


  • Though there are alternatives, the clipping path is widely used because of the precise result it gives.
  • It makes hard edges for every photo.
  • The clipping is scalable within the image.


  • The clipping path is time-consuming as you need to focus on the edges of the photos.
  • Not all clipping path users are familiar with the tool.
  • There are some alternatives for the clipping path.

The features, benefits, and advantages stated above will tell you what is clipping path is in the editing industry. It helps much in enhancing image resolution and makes it the way you want it to be. When you are in the actual editing, you will see the clipping path and its hidden benefits.